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Environmental Administrative License

Waste Water Management

Rain Water Management

Rain Water Management

Rain Water Management…

SOKAN uses all kinds of regulations and policies and operation procedures to protect the complete of rainwater and enhance rainwater management. SOKAN’s measurements include but not limited to the following: it uses its structures to control, reduce or prevent pollutants entering rainwater stream, and other measurements are as follows: set up signs to prohibit dumping waste materials, sewage or garbage into rainwater inlet or rain water rill; prohibit the blockage of rainwater inlet and cleaning the garbage periodically; immediately besiege and intercept rainwater inlets in case of chemical leakage; regularly entrust qualified third party organizations to conduct inspections.

Waste Gas Management

Waste Management

  • Identify and produce a list of wastes

  • Compile “Classification Standards for Common Solid Waste”and put forward classification requirements

  • Set up dedicated bins or collection containers for different garbage in accordance with classification, with clear identification

  • Set up hazardous waste bins, recyclable waste bins, garbage hopper, register before entering storage, store with classification in dedicated zones

  • Entrust qualified units to properly treat hazardous wastes, and complete transferring procedures in accordance with regulation

  • Classification of common solid wastes

    Classification of com…

  • Classified trash can

    Classified trash can

  • Hazardous waste bin

    Hazardous waste bin

Waste list

Waste list

Plant Noise Management

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